The updates have been few and far between mostly due to the construction activity that has taken place and the mile upon mile that we have been adding. Most of the activity has been building the backbone network. Out of the original 245 miles we have installed 170 miles +/- of conduit and nearly 160 miles of fiber optic cable. If you look at the map on this web site you will see the planned routes.

The team has been busy over the last few months setting up the three Network Operations Centers, NOCs for short. The 3 NOCs have been up and active since July 16th. Extensive testing was required to certify the core ring to be ready for service.

As of August 8, we have established connections to all but 4 of the County Schools. We are in the process of connecting Tamassee High/Middle, Tamassee Elementary, Keowee Elementary and Orchard Park to the core ring. The installation crews are busy making connections to a number of county offices as well as evacuation centers, state and federal offices. The team will focus on connecting the fire stations in the county next.

Thank you for your patience and interest in the project. We are working diligently to provide a great asset to Oconee County and its citizens. More exciting news to come as we work hard to complete this project.

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